Short term goals
Collection of more than 150/000 illegal …..and changing them to legal…..
Updating the quality and ohsas of managing system. Allingning the decision of dire ctorate in the flow of processes and expectations of beneficiaries.
Implementation of instruction succession.
Making the preparation devision method and credit allocation and controlling of liquidity .
Replacement of sidereal clock instead of photocell in road,s lightening system .
Using fire alarm systems in the company monitoring of more than 1mw industries,toward control of industries  load and more observation in annual suspension and overhaul of industries.
Considering of distribution plates under trances in the future designing of network and planning for older network.
Acceleration the acquisition of GIS informational system usage in different units.
Complete the calculation of comprehensive system in selling part and afterselling services for demanding  subscribers.
Create away to view bill and information of other clients on the companys site.
Make decision toward decresing of wde especially locked contors.
Reinforcement of internal controls especially in the income part .
Establishment of desirable law for calculating cost price
Adjustment of executive plan for  establishing knowledge management.
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